Death of a Sausage

Reenactment (with broken sausauge)

The sausage, in happier times

“I’m throwing out this sausage,” N said, indicating it with the knife he had just used to cut off a slice.

“Why?” I asked. Even though I could imagine the reason, I wanted the details so I could post them here.

“It has a strange taste.”And with that, the sausage was unceremoniously tossed into the trash bin.


10 responses to “Death of a Sausage

  1. Yeah for you! That story was too funny and I have recently found myself in a similar situation. Someone gave my husband a home-made dried sausage, however upon examining it, he decided that it wasn’t ready yet. So, it stayed on the counter, stinking up my kitchen just as you had described in your post. Yesterday, we noticed it was growing some muffa (it’s quite humid in our house), so now it’s in my fridge, stinking up everything in there! I hope my husband will come to his senses soon as yours has.

  2. Excellent :-) after going through all that trouble of drying the thing … I also have a little story about a drying sausage. Mine sported something looking like mould growing on it. Concerned, I was ready to toss it in the bin. But to my surprise, my husband (from Campania) didn’t think anything of the mould, wiped it off and ate the sausage. Huh??Hanneke

  3. Now Hilary, you do realize that it took a whole month for him to come to his senses? That’s a lot of time to spend with a stinky sausage in the fridge.Hanneke, I’m started to notice a pattern with southern Italian men eating moldy sausages.

  4. Good for you! In my house I have to sneak things out if I want it gone. As I write this there is some cheese that looks more like a muppet than cheese but the Italian won’t throw it out! He says “e buona”. Oh the joys of loving an Italian!

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