San Domenico

Detail of cloister arcade, c. 1425, convent of San Domenico

Detail of cloister arcade, c. 1425, convent of San Domenico

This is one of several structures currently under restoration in Sessa Aurunca, and the one most interesting to me. The cloister was part of a Dominican convent founded in 1425, now mostly destroyed. Some traces remain of narrative frescoes, among which were scenes depicting the life of St. Dominic. I’ve been anxious to see them ever since first hearing of their existence; I specialized in the art of the Dominican Order, and in particular, fresco cycles depicting the lives of their earliest saints. I’m sure that the scenes are so fragmentary that reconstructing them is impossible, but they tantalize me nonetheless, as reminders of something that was once meaningful and beautiful, but which is now lost (much like my intellectual life.)


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  1. I peeked at them through a couple of windows, and it really looked like there was almost nothing there, but I do still have a fantasy about finding enough to make a research project, lol.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for several months and really enjoy it.Several times you’ve mentioned you miss your work and I understand that. My “children” are now teenagers and in high school, and its been too many years since I worked (outside the home). In fact the longer it is the more doubts there are to hurdle getting back into the workplace. Recently I heard about a woman who was able to teach online, even giving lectures online. I’m not sure which company she worked for, but maybe you could do something like that, part time?

  3. Hi Kathleen! That’s actually I great idea, and one I’ve been thinking about for the future. Right now, though I really have my hands full with Pata. I can’t remember the last time I got anything done without multiple interruptions! Once she’s old enough to send to daycare, I’ll be able to work again. But I’m getting impatient waiting.

  4. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…*snif, snif* I’ve written a couple long comments to your posts, but blogger is not working with me here. Gah!Am vacationing in Mexico. Could be this internet line -a Zen lesson in patience.Ciao, ciao!

  5. Hi Roam2Rome! I haven’t heard from you in a while. Enjoy your vacation- don’t waste your time reading blogs! :)

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