Something happened

On Saturday we went to Roccamonfina, a nearby town. There’s a shady, green park right in the center of town that is perfect for a passeggiata on a hot day. Sessa has a small park, but it isn’t nearly as clean or well-kept. Even more important, its fountain isn’t nearly as interesting to Pata as the one in Roccamonfina, which features a vertical jet of water about a meter high.
Pata mesmerized at the edge of the fountain

Pata mesmerized at the edge of the fountain

Pata loves water. She likes to swim, take baths, play with it, climb into the bidet and open the faucet while I’m distracted, all sorts of amusing things. As soon as she noticed the fountain, she was entranced, and she stood still watching it for a couple of minutes. Then she began yelling, “Aqua! Aqua!” and laughing the deep “ho ho ho!” she makes whenever she’s having fun using her words.

Beneath the park is a tiny playground where she encountered a slide for the first time. I think she preferred the fountain.

You want me to do what?

You want me to do what?

We also had some gelato at our favorite gelateria. N had chestnut and Kinder Cereali (named for a candy bar made of chocolate and puffed rice) and I had coconut and pineapple. Pata sampled all four flavors, and the cream on top too.

Pata's first taste of gelato

Pata’s first taste of gelato


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  1. Ciao KC! What beautiful photos! Looks like you had a lovely day out. Pata is so adorable! What does she think of the sea?

  2. Agreed. Gelato is certainly not the same as junk food, but neither is pure American ice cream.

  3. Not too sure about the difference about sweets and the real thing but in any event you are only a kid once in your life let her enjoy it.

  4. I really love those pics. You have a beautiful daughter. Your blog is also one I read often!

  5. I agree. Gelato is not junk food and once in a while is ok. Pata is so adorable. I love her little shoes. Too cute!

  6. Thanks Laura! She loves the sea! Well, she loved it…she hasn’t seen it since last August, but given how much she loves to take baths, I’m sure she’ll have a great time this summer.Lost in Sicily, you summed up the difference perfectly- it’s all the stuff that’s processed and artificial that I want to avoid. I don’t see any problem with indulging in sweets that are made with quality ingredients in an authentic, wholesome manner.I agree, Dana! I love good American ice cream (and miss it.)Anon, I do let Pata enjoy sweets (as this post demonstrates.) She also eats muffins, quick breads, sometimes even cake that I make at home. I just want to make sure that she doesn’t eat too much of them, because growing bodies and developing minds need nutrient-rich foods. I also prefer that she doesn’t eat mass-produced foods. I like to know what she’s eating. That said, she has eaten Nutella a few times. ;) It’s all about moderation. You’re right that she’s only a child once, that’s why I don’t want to waste the chance to teach her good, healthy habits.Thank you Silvia!Hi Piccola! Pata loves those shoes too, I think because they’re so colorful.

  7. We are potty training our son right now and when he stays dry or has done a great job, at the end of the day (sometimes at the end of morning and then at end of afternoon) we give him a small piece of those kinder chocolates. They are divided up into really small ‘squares’ that are the perfect size for a 2 year old. Other than that, that is the only chocolate he gets except for certain times, like the once a week gelato =)!

  8. Diana, those squares are pretty small, now that I think about it…not that I have extensive experience with Kinder chocolate bars. Okay, I do. I think that saving treats for special occasions, like having a once a week gelato, is great because it makes everyone (kids and adults) appreciate them more, while not feeling deprived of sweets.

  9. Thanks J.Doe! I have to admit that I love pictures of babies with ice cream on their faces, so I made sure to snap a bunch of Pata.

  10. Oh what a cutie Pata is!I made the gravest mistakes by being Vegan during my Italy visits! The agony!

  11. Thanks Mon! Yes, missing out on the gelato alone is a tragedy! I hope you at least had some good granitas.

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