Velvet leaf wreath


I came up with the design for this wreath after fruitlessly searching the internet for wreath projects that I liked. I’m pretty sure the green velvet I used was originally upholstery fabric. I had a piece of it about two meters long and fifteen centimeters wide, sewn together from four shorter strips. I used some of it to make a couple of Purl frogs, and I had been thinking of making some miniature trees from what was left over when I remembered that we didn’t have a wreath.

It’s very simple, just a series of leaves sewn together in a circle, with red wooden beads sewn on by hand. I imagine that anyone looking at it can figure out how I made it, but just in case anyone wants details:

I started out by drawing the pattern for the leaf. Given that I was planning to use thick velvet for the leaves, I made it simple and fairly large.

To make the leaves, I sewed the leaf pieces right sides together, leaving an opening at the base large enough to turn them right-side out.

Once I finished the leaves, I arranged them in a circular pattern that I liked. I sewed pairs of small and medium leaves together to make this step easier. As I arranged the leaves and leaf groups, I overlapped them so that their opened ends were obscured.

I pinned the leaves into place, turned the wreath over, and sewed the leaves together by hand.

I placed the red wooden beads in the nooks formed by the meeting of the leaves, mostly to hide the thread I used to sew them to the wreath.

I mounted the wreath onto a circle cut from a carton with a few old twist-ties. Very low tech, I know, but I think it fits well with the reuse of the upholstery fabric.