More fun with bath toys

Yesterday morning, Pata was poking around in her bag of sea creatures while I cleaned the bathroom. “Popilo!” she cried as soon as she saw the octopus.

I think that sometimes toddlers mispronounce words in ways that improve them, and this is certainly the case with popilo, which I find far more endearing than polipo.

“That’s an octopus,” I told her, reminding her of the English word she prefers not to use. (Honestly, with popilo as the alternative, I can’t blame her.) “And what color is the octopus?”


“Yes, that’s a blue octopus!”

“Blue acquapus,” she repeated, nodding solemnly.

(See above about toddler mispronunciations.)

“Pata, it’s oct-o-pus,” I corrected, repeating the word slowly, but by then she had already moved on to the clam.


8 responses to “More fun with bath toys

  1. I love it. I think altropus is my favorite. Luigi insists that mandarino is mee-na-mo-mo. I like that one better too.

  2. Mary, I couldn't decide if I liked altropus more than acquaplus. Meenamomo is adorable, definitely an improvement over mandarino. I think Pata says mandadino, not quite as cute.Thanks, J. Doe! I have lots of stories like these, but I try to choose the best because I'm sure I'd bore everyone if every post was like this one.

  3. Actually it wouldn't be a bore. Kids are so cute when they say things wrong and act like they are saying it right but Mamma is not.Anything uplifting would be quite pleasant to read.

  4. I like popilo. Sounds like a cross between a blankie and something you give a temper-tantrumy child to soothe them. :)

  5. J.Doe, I'll keep that in mind the next time I have doubts about posting a cute story. :)Barbara, I agree, there's something soothing about the way it sounds. I think that it's my favorite of all her mispronunciations.

  6. So cute! Treasure those moments! People always told me they would pass too soon…and it's true! :-)

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