Nutella Incognito, (a.k.a Grilled Nutella)

There’s nutella hiding in there.

This is a good way to eat Nutella when you aren’t alone, but don’t want to share.

1. Announce to your companions that you will be serving grilled cheese.

2. Assemble the grilled cheese sandwiches in the way that you prefer.

3. Spread a generous, but reasonable, amount of Nutella on a slice of the same kind of bread used in step 2. Place a second slice of bread on top of the spread nutella. Remember that a) whole grain bread will make your Nutella Incognito more “healthy,” and b) using too much nutella will cause it to ooze from the sandwich while you eat it, making it much less “incognito.”

4. Melt a pat of butter in a frying pan. Gently place the nutella sandwich in the pan. Ignore the urge to tamp down on it with a spatula. Cook on each side only until lightly browned. If you are cooking it together with the cheese sandwiches be careful not to confuse it with them.

5. Depending on how perceptive your companions are, you may want to cut the Nutella Incognito into halves. I cannot recommend this, but I know that each of us is comfortable with differing levels of risk.

6. If you do decide to cut it into halves, cut it into triangles, which taste better than rectangles.

7. Eat carefully so as to avoid leaving tell-tale Nutella deposits around your mouth or on your chin or hands.


12 responses to “Nutella Incognito, (a.k.a Grilled Nutella)

  1. I also recommend putting peanut butter on one piece of bread, Nutella on the other and then cooking it in the panini maker…that kind of seals it and blends the flavors and it is a beautiful thing!

  2. Hm, Laura, that's a good idea. We're considering getting a panini maker with our supermarket points, this might help me make up my mind, lol.Oh, unquestionably so, Saretta! ;)

  3. LOL cute post! I have a panini maker and among the first panini I made was a Nutella Strawberry one. Yum! Michelle posted a link on how to celebrate WND here in Portland and there's a place that makes a panino with nutella, bananas and mascarpone. YUM! I'm planning a trip there soon :-)

  4. Liz, nutella and strawberry sounds divine. With bananas and marscapone wouldn't be bad either…Gil, it is. And that's why it's best not to share. ;)

  5. I didn't celebrate WND this year, but I like your idea. (And I agree, triangles always taste better than rectangles.)

  6. I feel like such an idiot. I don't know what nutella is. Perhaps it is because I live in California. I can guess it is a nut thing. Please tell me. Also I love your writing and your links, Karen. I visit several times a week. Thank you so much.Shirley

  7. Mary, believe me, this is the best way for the mother of a toddler to get some nutella eating in!Shirley, don't feel bad for not being initiated…Nutella is a chocolate (well, cocoa, actually)-hazelnut spread. I didn't know of it until adulthood, and I even grew up in an Italian-American neighborhood.

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