The OPOL Enforcer

opol enforcer

Me: Are you going to eat this last piece of salsiccia?

Pata: No, Mommy, that’s a sausage.


N (wanting to practice English): What color is my hair, black or brown?

Pata: È marrone, papà! (It’s brown, papà!)


11 responses to “The OPOL Enforcer

  1. haha! What more could you want? I am already being corrected on my pronunciations if I let some Italian slip with E. What are we in for?

  2. They keep us on our toes! Honestly, I wonder how often I slip into Italian without realizing it. I'm glad to know that the language police has arrived to keep me in line.

  3. Ha ha Like when S informed me that the name of the local pizzeria was 'Red Gambero, to you mummy' ha ha ha. Vanessa

  4. "Red Gambero, to you mummy," that is the best! I suppose translating for us is the logical next step.

  5. Wow, that's so funny. She's so smart to answer in the languages that you've been teaching her to use with each of you. :) So cute! Guess you proved the non-believers to be wrong.

  6. I swear Astrid has already started rolling her eyes when I mispronounce the few Dutch words I know (I'm studying Dutch). I remember doing the same to my Swedish dad. He pronouced 'cow' as 'coo' and I thought that was the funniest thing ever – also restaurang rather than restaurant.

  7. Young people can be so unsympathetic. My father was an American who spoke English, but with a thick Brooklyn accent. I know I rolled my eyes at his pronunciation! (My favorite: 'terlet' for 'toilet.')

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