It seems that Pata has picked up on the revulsion I feel whenever I encounter certain insects, despite my best efforts to hide it.

Campo di Pere looking at ants 1
But fear of ants and flies and bees (and all sorts of other little creatures) won’t do for a campagnola (country girl) and N and I have been working on showing her how bugs can be simpatici (nice.)

Campo di Pere looking at ants 3
It turns out that all Pata needed to know about ants to reconsider her position on them is that they bump heads when they meet one another. (Well, as long as they’re at arms length. And not in the house. But it’s a start.)


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  1. Lakeviewer, they're driving me crazy this year. We have a full scale invasion and Pata dislikes them as much as I do. My days are filled with cries of 'Ant!' 'Ants!' 'Kill it, kill it!' In Italian, she's more relaxed so N gets to hear, 'Guarda papà, le formiche, sono piccole piccole.'Thanks, Saretta. At first I was just interested in the ants, but then I realized her reactions to them were more interesting.

  2. Yesterday, I discovered by its glittery slime trail that a slug had made its way from my bedroom window, across the floor, to god knows where. I'm not sure which is worse, the ant invasion or one big slug.

  3. That's pretty vile. Not knowing where it is would bother me. Something similar happened to me with a lizard once. The ants are mostly just tiring.

  4. Well I'm no ant fan, but now that you've enlightened me regarding the bumping of heads, I'm feeling positively warm-hearted about them!Love the photos – inspired.

  5. I have the opposite problem. My three year old thinks ants are cute… only we have FIRE ants in our back yard. It's a lot of work to keep him from getting hurt by those evil little critters.

  6. Thanks, Anna! The head bumping thing is so cute.Keagan's mom, ugh, that's a huge problem. I imagine it'd be hard enough to deal with fire ants with any child who likes to be outdoors, but the added fondness for ants must make it really tough!

  7. This is really gross, and I'm sorry in advance, but when I lived in South America I learned that if you have ants, it's a good thing because it means you won't have cockroaches. Ants, um… eat, you know… the carcasses of cockroaches. So… you'll never see cockroaches as long as you have ants. Um, yay ants. Blech.Very cute pictures though :-)

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