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Italian preschools (and many elementary schools) require that children wear grembiulini (smocks,) and not just for art. My daughter’s preschool requires that they be white, and I’ve heard that this is because they can be washed more easily, with bleach. Well, I don’t use bleach, and I think that making a classroom full of small children dress in white is sad, so I added some color. This smock is also much less voluminous than the girls’ smocks I’ve seen for sale, its collar isn’t huge, floppy, or edged with lace, and even more important, it doesn’t have the requisite random English words embroidered onto its pockets (two examples I saw recently were “For You” and “Girl Ballerina.”)

I adapted the jacket pattern from Kwik Sew’s Sewing for Toddlers, lengthening and widening it, and adding a yoke.


10 responses to “Grembiulino

  1. Thanks, ladies! I have to make at least one more…it turns out that they really dirty really fast. Pata loves preschool!

  2. Lady Bug pockets – adorable. Much nicer than the ones I see the ragazzine sporting around here. How great that she loves school!

  3. Not a comment so much as a query. Have you found a place to buy fabric at reasonable prices? Around here it seems really costly… Thanks!

  4. This little smock is so adorable. Hopefully when I have my own children I will be able to make them clothes just as good as you do. :)

  5. Farfalle, I still haven't found a source for reasonably priced fabrics. The prices at the markets aren't that bad if you buy a piece that's already been cut, but I find that it's hard to find pieces larger than 1 1/2-2m, which is a problem if you want to make clothes for an adult!Thanks, Passage to Italy! They're easy to make.

  6. Yours are so much better than the ones the Turkish kids had to wear. Blue polyester with fake lacy collars. Ew.

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