The William dress

Several years ago a colleague gave me a t-shirt from the Metropolitan Museum of Art printed with the museum‘s unofficial (or is it official?) mascot, William. I never wore it, despite my undying and unwavering love for that particular hippopotamus, because it was too boxy for my taste. I was unable to part with it, and I kept it as a piece of William memorabilia, even bringing it with me on my transatlantic move five years ago. Just a couple of weeks ago, I began sewing with knits, and to my (delighted) surprise I discovered that they‘re not nearly as difficult as I had imagined. And so the idea for a William project was born: a fitted t-shirt that I could wear with a nice pair of jeans…

The 'William' dress

The ‘William’ dress

Except that‘s not what happened. The wellfitting t-shirt I used as I guide to make the pattern was made with a knit that has much more give than this one. Part of me knew that I was making a mistake but I was in a hurry and didn‘t feel like looking for a another model. But my disappointment became Pata’s joy when I realized that what was left would make a fine dress for a threeyearold girl.

I made the pattern for the dress based on an Ottobre tunic that flares at the waist and has puffed sleeves. I reused the original ribbing from the t-shirt for the neckline, and that was a first for me. I think that I may have done it in a way that added unnecessary difficulty for a firsttimer: I sewed it into a loop and then set it in. I later saw instructions online for an easier way to attach ribbing that involves stitching it around the neckline opening and then sewing it closed together with one of the shoulder seams. Well, the neckline of the dress came out perfectly the way I did it so I don’t think I’ll be changing technique next time.

Detail of the ribbed neckline

Detail of the ribbed neckline


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