Photography-resistant blouse

Just take the picture

Just take the picture

I made this blouse a few weeks ago (perhaps as many as four or five) and I’ve been trying to photograph it ever since. The photo above is from the third attempt. The print has resisted all my attempts to get a sharp focus on it. Yes, a normal person would have switched her camera settings over to automatic by now. The worst shots are of the shirt hanging on a hanger; I seem to have greater success when she wears the blouse but her unwillingness to stand still means that I haven’t a single close-up of any of the details.

Having fun

Stop trying to take my picture

 This one is from the fourth attempt. Note that there is absolutely no improvement. In my defense, she was moving pretty quickly.

The pattern is the Four Leaf Clover Shirt from the Spring 2011 issue of Ottobre. I followed the pattern fairly closely, though I hemmed the ruffle because I didn’t like the look of the edge finished with a zig-zag stitch. (I also made a modification to the opening in the back, but without an illustration, there’s not much point in discussing it.) The blouse was very easy to make; I think I finished it in a day, (and if not, it was only because I cut the pieces the night before.) I’m sure that I will make it again, especially because it is now Pata’s favorite, but I need to work some more on adjusting the size for her. She’s a fair bit thinner than average, and the pattern is generously sized, which is typical of Ottobre.