3 yrs smiling with slinky

Last month we decided not to send Pata to preschool anymore we couldn’t deal anymore with her getting sick every.single.week. I’m going out of my mind trying to entertain one very talkative and extroverted little girl, but there has been a huge upside:

Pata: Papà, voglio un popsicle (pronounced pahpsseekuhl; Papà, I want a popsicle.)

N: Che cosa? (What?)

Pata: Un qualche popsicle! (Just some popsicle!)

Me: He doesn’t know what that is, you have to explain it to him.

Pata: It’s a stick with…

Me: I know what it is, you have to tell him.

Pata: Eh…è… un…qualche…popsicle, papà.(Um…it’s…just…some…popsicle, papà)


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  1. It's hard to get them to speak English when they're surrounded by Italian, so when they're home it's a big help. I've decided to keep Luigi home too because I got tired of the constant illnesses. He was off for a month and a half before Easter, I took him in on a Friday and by Sunday night he was already sniffling. So, no more asilo nido this year. But I'm very busy….

  2. That's such a cute story.Does your daughter like to garden? Mine does….well sort of. She likes to water the plants. In fact many of them became waterlogged and died. No green thumb there. Sigh…She also likes using the little gardening shovel and making piles of dirt though. She could do that for hours.

  3. Mary, I'm hoping that it'll be better next year, but I kind of doubt it. Good luck getting work done!

    J.Doe, that's really cute. Pata is very girly and doesn't like to get dirty, so I don't think gardening is for her! We take her with us when we pick our fruit, but the bugs and tall grasses bother her.

  4. Your daughter is absolutely precious and beautiful. I am determined to speak only English to our son since he will be surrounded by Italian and Napolitano everywhere. I am also hoping this will allow my husband to learn more English since those studies have come completely to a halt. Is this what you have been doing? … Anna

  5. Thank you! Yes, I speak only English with her. Actually, she is strict about what language she will allow someone to speak to her and she will just stare at me or laugh if I try to speak Italian to her. She's the same with strangers, if an Italian speaker tries English with her she will not respond in English. (I try to explain this to people but they always seem offended.) It is helping my husband learn English a little, you may find the same to be true for yours.

  6. She is just too cute! And she sounds like quite the smart cookie there. Keep up the English, it will really help her in her future and school there as well since they are now teaching more English to the students. Love your blog! =) Take care.

  7. Too cute!! When we lived in Italy we spoke mostly Italian to Alejandra because we knew that we would be returning to the US, I would say her first language was Italian. She would listen to C and I speak English and we knew she understood it, same goes for Spanish. Fast forward two years and she now refuses to answer in Italian or Spanish but responds appropriately, it is really hard because she is surrounded by English. Keep up the good work, she will thank you later! :)

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