Ruffled Halters

3 yrs duomo porch 8

Take 1: gingham

3 yrs eyelet halter 1

Take 2: eyelet

I made these using the free oliver + s pattern available here. The first one made me miserable, not because it was difficult (on the contrary, the halter is very easy to make, and would be great as a beginner’s first project) but because it felt like a chore. I kept thinking that I hated the pattern and would never use it again. (I wasn’t feeling very well when I made it and I think just didn’t have the patience for fiddling with all the gathering.) Pata liked it enough when it was finished that I decided give the pattern a second chance.

I had thought of making one with the eyelet fabric even before I began working with the blue gingham but put it off because the top ruffle piece is supposed to be curved at the bottom edge and I wasn’t sure what effect using the scalloped selvedge of the eyelet would have on way the ruffle sits on the halter. After making the first one, I realized that it wouldn’t make much of a difference at all, and I prefer the second one because the edges of the ruffles are finished. (The pattern calls for the ruffles to be cut on the bias and edge-stiched to reduce fraying. Some of the softness of the drape is lost with the ruffles cut on the grain, but I have a feeling that the gingham halter isn’t going to last very long, given how often Pata’s clothes need to be washed.)


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