Food drop-off log, June 2011

1 June:
beef fillet folded in half, wrapped in plastic wrap, in a plastic shopping bag with the SISA logo
chickpea soup with tomatoes and celery greens, in a white porcelain tureen with a broken handle, covered with an aluminum lid, in a plastic Paone pasta bag

3 June:
four cucumbers from an unspecified garden and about two hundred grams of slightly under-ripe cherries, both in a plastic shopping bag with the SISA logo
artichokes, cooked almost to a pulp with a considerable amount of garlic, in a plastic container with a screw on lid

5 June:
fish soup in a bottle and two cucumbers, all in a plastic shopping bag with the SISA logo

10 June:
nine zucchini, half a kilogram of green beans, and six eggplants, all in a large pink plastic bag

17 June:
lasagne rolls, in a pale green casserole dish, loosely covered with a sheet of reused aluminum foil

18 June:
lentil soup, in the pot in which it was cooked

20 June:
two kilos of plums known for their laxative properties, in a plastic bag with the SISA logo

22 June:
three pizzette with provola and dried sausage, one with cherry tomatoes and garlic; two tramezzini filled with smoked salmon sticking to the stale white bread; two slices of a rustico made with provolone and and prosciutto crudo; seven small crescents of puff pastry dough filled with a variety of savory fillings, none identifiable; baked tagliatelle with tomato sauce, miniature meatballs and hard boiled eggs, in a pale green casserole dish; six bignè with oozing cream, on a single-use plastic dish, covered with a loose sheet of reused aluminum foil; all items delivered in a large circular aluminum pan, covered with a pastel plaid dish cloth

29 June:
white beans with tomato, celery greens, and garlic, in a bottle; fried peppers, in a reused jam jar;
additional fried peppers, in a removable tray within a plastic container with a screw on lid, and eggplant cooked in such a way to make it green, in the same container, but beneath the removable tray; all in a plastic shopping bag with the SISA logo


7 responses to “Food drop-off log, June 2011

  1. Curious . . . Are these from a well-meaning relative?And, do you feed them to your family … always, without fail?D

  2. They are from the aunt. I've been meaning to do a log for years but I'd never been able to carry through a tally for a whole month before! I eat almost nothing she gives us but N eats almost everything, and Pata eats some of it. I won't let her have anything that hasn't been prepared following food safety rules…None of us ate the laxative plums. That's a mistake you only make once. (She gives them to us every year.)

  3. I meant to add, I do prepare and eat the produce she gives us other than the plums. I'm actually quite grateful for that, which is why I suffer things like fish soup in a bottle. (Which I think is the worst thing on the list. (Little octopi stuck in a bottle neck = no fun.)

  4. Fish soup in a bottle? YUK! And what in the world did she do to the eggplant that it was green? I'm cringing here…

  5. Mary, we didn't eat the eggplant (I guess that kind of goes without saying, lol) so I don't know for sure. It was kind of mashed up, and she cooks with parsley often, so maybe she (over)cooked it with parsley, and that's what turned it green? When I opened up the container I really had no idea what it was. I never would have guessed eggplant. Later she asked if we had eaten the eggplant, and I was like, what eggplant???

  6. Haha, Fern, yes, it's such good material, isn't it? A book is not outside the realm of possibilities.

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