Food drop-off log, July 2011

9 July:
400 grams of homemade tagliatelle, dried in wound circular forms, piled in a large white plastic bowl

12 July:
twelve tomatoes
sixteen overripe peaches
a watermelon weighing eleven kilograms

14 July:
two bottles of chickpeas cooked in broth with tomatoes and celery stalks

21 July:
bean soup in a white porcelain tureen with a broken handle, covered with an aluminum lid, in a white plastic shopping bag

27 July:
200 grams of homemade tagliatelle, dried hanging over the back of a chair, in a reused perforated bread bag
366 grams of beef fillets from the supermarket, shrink-wrapped on a white polystyrene tray, with the instruction to eat them immediately “lest they loose their blood”

29 July:
thirteen fried zucchini blossoms, on a reused polystyrene tray, green and brown decomposed organic material visible through the perforations in its surface
tomato-based meat sauce with various unidentifiable ingredients in the white porcelain tureen with a broken handle, covered with an aluminum lid, in a plastic SISA produce bag; nine meatballs with zucchini chunks, cooked without salt, four in the sauce in the tureen, the remaining five loosely and partially wrapped in a reused sheet of aluminum foil


8 responses to “Food drop-off log, July 2011

  1. Haha, yes and no! Some of it gets tossed, some of it gets eaten by N, and I eat a little of it (typically the fruit.)

  2. How long did it take you to eat an 11 kilogram watermelon? It would take me a few days and I love watermelon.

  3. We still have about 5 kg of it left. We would have finished it in a few days if it hadn't been for all the peaches. My MIL has been here and she bought peaches nearly every day. We like peaches better.

  4. Your drop-off logs crack me up. That's an awful lot of watermelon! Do you have an ice-cream maker? Watermelon ice is good…

  5. Ciao Karen – Love reading your blog and love the warm rose background color. Would you mind telling me what color it is or the RGB numbers. Would be a great color in one of our rooms. I know a very random request but just love the color!Megan in Liguria :)

  6. Megan, sorry I've taken so long to answer you. (In my defense, it's August.) The rgb code is: #cca799. (I've been thinking of painting our bedroom a similar color, though slightly browner, so I didn't think it was a random or strange request at all.)

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