Poinsettia ornament


Pata’s poinsettia

Yesterday I took a break from what seems to be an unending pile of clothing alterations (I lost quite a bit of weight last summer due to illness) to make my yearly Christmas ornament for Pata. This year my choices were limited by having only red, green, and brown felt, and absolutely no money to buy any more. Further complicating matters, the green and red felt had already been cut into leaf shapes, unused pieces from another Christmas project. Fortunately there is at least one answer to the question, ‘what is red and green and pointy, and suited to a Christmas tree?’

I used three ‘leaves’ each for the bracts and leaves, and pinched them at their centers to create the effect of ridges. (I got that idea from this tutorial.) I then folded them in half and hand-sewed them together in a sunburst pattern. The beads I used for the flowers are larger than I would have liked, but they were the only appropriately colored ones my craft box had to offer. They came from an old sun hat, and I distinctly remember not wanting to do the work of removing the beads from its braided bands, but thinking that they might be useful some day. I’m glad I listened to the frugal voice that time.