Denim skirt

Pata’s refashioned jean skirt

For this year’s Christmas pageant at Pata’s preschool, the girls in her class have been asked to wear white blouses, blue ribbons, jean skirts, and white tights. I’m a bit put off by the length of that list, but relieved that the only item that Pata didn’t already have (the skirt) was easy and inexpensive to make.

The inspiration for the ruffle and flower came from this denim skirt makeover at Craftaholics Anonymous. For Pata’s skirt, I used an old pair of relatively lightweight jeans that N doesn’t wear anymore. The top part of the skirt is made of two rectangles, as is the ruffle. I made the ruffle 1.5 times as long as the bottom of the skirt, and its width is a third of the skirt’s finished length from waist to hem.

For the flower, I used a strip of denim 4cm x 30 cm, which I folded in half lengthwise and sewed with wrong sides together, and gathered very slowly and carefully. (I always find gathering bulky fabric unpleasant, and I also have the bad habit of sewing only one row of gathering stitches, which makes it stressful too.)

Denim flower

I formed the flower separately and hand sewed it to the skirt, rather than machine sewing it on in concentric circles, as Linda did in the Craftaholics tutorial. I didn’t think I’d be coordinated enough to pull off such a feat, and besides, I wanted my flower to be quite a bit smaller.

When I was unpicking the seams of the jeans, I noticed that one seam was more weathered, and decided to use that edge for the bottom of the ruffle in an attempt to recreate the look of the hems on ready-to-wear denim. I had to sew a tiny hem because I only had the seam allowance to work with, but I don’t think it looks too odd, given that it’s sewn with proper topstitching thread.

I hadn’t made clothes without a pattern in a while and I’d forgotten how much fun it was.


5 responses to “Denim skirt

  1. What an adorable skirt! You are so talented!! Have you thought about opening an etsy shop? Each time I see your projects I wonder when you might open an etsy shop!

  2. Thank you, cloudsfullofrain!

    Jill, thanks! I don’t know, it’s something I’ve thought about but I don’t have the right machine for it yet. I also worry about shipping…

  3. The shipping part is also the sticking point for me right now. I make cards and am determined to put them on etsy sooner rather than later and just give it a try….

  4. Actually, I’d been wondering whether you’d started an Etsy shop yet. I guess using a courier rather than the Poste would minimize some problems, but there’s still the issue of cost. I just don’t know whether enough people would be willing to pay for international shipping.

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