Food Drop-off Log, November 2012

6 November:
one small cabbage in a biodegradable ‘OK Shoppers’ bag

7 November:
seven pomegranates in a turquoise plastic bucket

8 November:
in large orange plastic bucket:
a Nestlé Cremeria ice cream container (flavor: Nocciola) containing the innermost parts of six fennel bulbs, somewhat bruised
two jars of Borlotti bean soup
seven tiny lettuce heads, all of their green leaves having been removed

18 November:
in the large orange bucket:
a wedge of parmigiano reggiano weighing 305g
one kilogram of fresh sausage tied into a loop and wrapped in butcher’s paper
a jar of small squids in orange liquid
a small jar of anchovies cooked almost into a paste together with onions and bits of parsley, a yellow liquid congealing at the bottom of the jar
half a loaf of fresh bread

19 November
a jar of tomato and white bean soup

22 November:
twenty pomegranates in a large white plastic shopping bag
a small white plastic bag containing an assortment of loose lettuce leaves and four tiny fennel bulbs, beginning to turn brown

24 November:
a length of spicy sausage, folded in half and wrapped in butcher’s paper
eight breaded and fried artichoke hearts wrapped in a one-ply paper napkin and placed inside the Nestlè Cremeria ice cream container
tomato sauce with three sausages of varying lengths in a shallow, lidded steel saucepan

27 November:
lentil soup in the white porcelain tureen with the broken handle, covered with an aluminum lid

30 November:
two jars of white bean soap
a small white plastic bag containing seven tiny lettuce heads, all the outer leaves removed
a large white plastic bag containing nine green mandarins and six blood oranges
one egg

half an hour later:
half a loaf of fresh bread