I’m a little late in posting these, but I suppose the color of Pata’s cape is appropriate to Valentine’s day as well.

5 yrs Carnevale 1

Little Red Riding Hood

Unless you’re in Venice or one of the other cities that puts on an elaborate celebration, Carnival is really not very interesting. Here it consists mostly of wearing a costume while spraying silly string and throwing coriandoli, which I guess can be fun if you’re a child or a teenager or just less of a curmudgeon than I am.

In case you’re wondering, and you probably are, corandoli are what Italians call confetti. (Confetti, on the other hand, are the candies given out at occasions like weddings and baptisms, and there’s a city in Abruzzo, Sulmona, that is known for the production of confetti, and is worth a visit even if you’re not interested in candied-covered almonds.)

Throwing coriandoli in the piazza

Throwing coriandoli in the piazza

5 yrs Carnevale throwing coriandoli 3

Tossing bits of paper up into the air is so much fun

Pata was extra anxious to get into the piazza to throw her coriandoli this year because she didn’t get the chance to do it at her preschool’s party. Once the supply was exhausted, she became aware that she was hungry and bored. So we bought some mouse-shaped candy that looked like rubber and tasted only slightly more appealing. A pug weaving through the crowd made us laugh when he shook off some coriandoli that had landed on his back. Then, tired of waiting for nothing to happen, we walked back home.


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  1. These are wonderful pictures of Pata! I am in Venice and don’t care much for Carnevale and the masses of crowds it brings. Maybe if I have a child in the future, I will feel differently about it. Not sure though that I could ever learn to love and embrace the confetti all over the streets!

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