Drum as base

Detail of the portico of San'tAngelo in Formis

Detail of the portico of San’tAngelo in Formis

I hadn’t noticed this when I visited Sant’Angelo in Formis (I guess I was too focused on the frescoes,) but I did notice it the other day while looking though my photos. The shaft of the rightmost column of the porch arcade is elevated on a base fashioned from a drum of an antique fluted column, so not quite like the example at Carinola, (discussed here) but an interesting solution all the same.

Sant'Angelo in Formis, twelfth century

Sant’Angelo in Formis, twelfth century

I only have a closeup of the bases on the right side, but judging from the appearance of the leftmost base in this view of the façade, that too may not be a straightforward base. I’ll get a better look if I ever have a chance to go back. The façade view gives a good example of the combination of spoliate material in differing sizes and colors.