Gable with clouds

View of the gable and the sculpted cycle of scenes from the life of St. Peter, cathedral of Sessa Aurunca

Looking up at the gable of the twelfth-century cathedral of Sessa Aurunca, with unusual summertime clouds above

The two sculptures at the lateral points of the gable depict dogs or wolves, while those on either side of the arch represent lions, just a few of many that appear on the façade. Visible in the archivolt is the sculptural cycle of episodes from the life of St. Peter.


2 responses to “Gable with clouds

  1. Do you not normally have clouds in the summer? Those look like the clouds we have most of the summer. :)

    • No we don’t. For most of the summer we have clear blue skies, and clouds are an exception. Sometimes when we’re at the beach, I notice some out over the sea, but that’s as close as they get. It rarely rains once summer has begun. This summer has been quite atypical so far. I’m really enjoying it.

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