Shrine with flowers

St. Anne with the young Virgin Mary, Scario

Wall shrine dedicated to St. Anne, who appears with the Virgin Mary, Scario

Most of the wall shrines I’ve encountered are devoted to Marian themes, of which I think the Annunciation is the most common. I found this shrine in the town of Scario (in the Cilento) to be interesting because it’s the only one I’ve come across devoted to St. Anne, though certainly there must be others. She appears seated, holding her young daughter on her lap, a compositional arrangement related to that of the Madonna and Child.

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  1. Lovely. And you’re quite right. It’s a bit of an unusual choice of saint for these sorts of wall shrines. It’s quite a modern one as well. Was it attached to a private house and so could be a “private” devotional piece in a public space? Or is there some sort of connection between St Anne and Scario? Fascinating stuff. I find the whole topic of devotionality permeating urban spaces so terribly interesting.

    • It was a private house (a very nice one at that, a couple of the facades were tiled as well) and the shrine faced onto the street. I tend not to like the modern ones very much, because they tend not to be very interesting from a stylistic point of view, but I loved that this one had St. Anne, and I liked the colors of it together with those flowers.

  2. The shrine and building was once privately owned by the wealthy Belloti family. One of the grandsons lives a few houses away on the Lungomare. The church at the other end of the Lungmare is decicated to The Blessed Mother Mary, the daughter of St. Ann.

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