Christmas ornament stash, Phase II

Christmas ornaments 2013I’ve been very busy sewing. This year I made more ornaments than ever before, and there are more several that I’m still working on. I finished these first because they’re for my sister in New York, who lost all her Christmas decorations (together with many other more important things) to Hurricane Sandy last year. I posted about the ornaments I made for her last Christmas here.

I’d always felt that my machine-sewn ornaments were inferior to the hand-stitched ones I’ve seen all over the internet, so I made some entirely by hand this year.  This was the first time I’d done any hand stitching and it was much more fun than I had expected. I  also did much better than I thought I would, even if I can’t help but fixate on all the little mistakes I made. I think that if I had time to add a hobby to my life, I’d take up embroidery.

I made multiples of all the ornaments pictured above, except for the rocking horse, which I made as a gift for my nephew. The happy snowman and snow globe ornaments were inspired by this brooch and this ornament. (The originals are much better than my versions.) For the Barbapapas, the rocking horse, and the polar bears, I resized and printed some line drawings I’d found on the internet and used them as patterns. The hearts were a bit of an afterthought; in fact, I only made two of them. I had been planning to make some gingerbread houses, but then realized I’d never finish them in time to mail them. At the time, I was teaching Pata to sew and she was making a heart ornament, so while I supervised her work, I made a couple of my own. (Hers is much cuter than mine. Post with picture to follow.)


7 responses to “Christmas ornament stash, Phase II

  1. Lovely designs and I think hand-stitching works so much better for these types of decorations – gives them a homely, authentic feel. I hope your daughter enjoyed making her own version.

  2. Welcome back… I was worried you’d stopped blogging! These are beautiful. I wish I had the skills to make something similar… sadly I think Pata is probably far more advanced than me.

  3. Absolutely precious, and I can only imagine the amount of work put into them since sewing is one of my hobbies. I feel inspired just looking at your photo!

  4. Are you going to continue blogging? The ornaments are very cute! I just discovered your blog e I find it very sweet!

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