Words and Reason


Words and Reason

Today I would break every window

With my fists;

I would slam every door

With enough force

To break its frame.

It’s the rage I carry with me


That boils over

On the most ridiculous days.


I would say no the next time.

Do it yourself

The next time.

The possibility of next is infinite

And negligible

Because it depends on the lisped words

Of a drunken man.


I would say, why ask me to do the impossible?

A thing you’ve made impossible?

But I know

That he needs for me to fail,

And that if he fails,

It will never be his fault.


Today I would open all the cabinets

And pull out all the drawers,

Throwing their contents to the floor.

I would run through the house,

Screaming at the top of my lungs

And punching the walls,

If my rage were like his:

Bare-knuckled and incoherent.


But my rage is all words and reason

And I would show it

Because I know

It’s more terrifying than his.

Because my rage is a beginning

While his is just an end.

But I’ll let it grow

Until white-hot I let it out

On the last ridiculous day.

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