I’m an American art historian living in southern Italy with my Italian husband and daughter. The Owl in the Pulpit is both a glimpse into my life as an expat and a place where I do one of the things I love best: write about art. It may be that personal posts interspersed with art historical ones make for a strange admixture, but to me the combination of the two is completely natural. My intellectual development as an art historian has so conditioned how I experience the world that it would be artificial for me not to write about art when writing about my life.

The owl of the title is a small, low-relief sculpture affixed to the thirteenth-century pulpit in the cathedral of the town where I live. Authors of medieval bestiaries portrayed owls as eschewing the light of day and spending their waking hours wandering around tombs, a characterization that makes me feel some affinity with them, given as I am to exploring darkened old churches and palazzi, their air thick with the passage of centuries.

(For more about the owl, see its bestiary entry.)


Please note that all entries dated before October 2012 have been imported from my earlier blogs. I’ve been working slowly on resolving issues with formatting and broken links, and it will take a while to edit all the posts.

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  1. Thanks for following me. I know little about southern Italy but I love the parts of the country’s I do know and I love art (having studied art history too), so your blog sound perfect, I look forward to reading more!

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