Geographical index for The Owl in the Pulpit


Pescocostanzo: Pescocostanzo


Venosa: Venosa / Constrast, Venosa


Carinola: From Top to Bottom / Renaissance, Carinola

Pompei: Pompeii / Pompei

Riardo: Riardo

Roccamonfina: Four Seasons

Sant’Agata dei Goti: Sant’Agata dei Goti

Sant’Angelo in Formis (Capua): Devotion / Drum as Base / Archangel

Scario: Shrine with flowers

Sessa Aurunca: The CathedralCovered StreetGable with Clouds / La Vecchia Dogana / The Loggia /  The Last Street / Historicism / Corbels / Medioevo sotto le Stelle / Cosmatesque Pavement, Pasquetta / Restoration / San Domenico / Bestiary entries: The FoxThe WhaleThe PeacockThe DragonThe Iaculus / The Owl / The Stork / The Beaver / Bestiary

Vairano Patenora: Vairano


Gaeta: No.5, GaetaGothic PortalDetour

Montecassino: Montecassino

Fossanova (Priverno): Fossanova / “Matters Greater in Themselves” / Porta dei Conversi, Fossanova


Venafro: Venafro / Uncentered


Padua: Perfect Kiss

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